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original song game Here is a music game that has YOUR song unfolding right before your very eyes. Each play is a journey from the start and finish of a completed song. Over an afternoon's snack of popcorn and soda, you will have a working draft of a song that's roughly two minutes in length for you to embellish and enjoy.

Don't fall for 'It's all been done before'. You can turn out something you can call your own that has never been done before. Don't be stuck in 'I can't' or 'Don't know how' because the Original Song Game will show you how. Have countless original songs rather than fret about use of copyrighted pop songs or the trite overuse of worn out folk tunes of the public domain.

Find strength in YOUR songs that YOU publish and YOU can use freely.

The Original Song Game comes with a 10 day money back guarantee. Order your gift today to make original hits tomorrow.